October 12, 2016


I made avocado + egg toast for breakfast the over the weekend and I enjoyed it as well as the Beau. It’s now my quick fix go to breakfast. It’ super easy to make and VERY tasty! I decided start meal prepping for this by having slices of tomato + avocado on deck so all I have to do is fry an egg and throw a slice of toast in the toaster.

Here is what you need:
{per serving}
o   2 slice of bread
o   Sliced tomato
o   Sliced avocado
o   2 eggs
o   Everything salt +pepper  {to taste}

I used artisan multi grain bread from the bakery section of my supermarket. After the bread was toasted I put a bit of butter on it, just enough to soften the bread a bit. I then layered it with the tomato and avocado. I then sprinkled a bit of everything salt on it. I fried my egg with olive oil and I did it over hard. {it wasn’t very hard just a but soft and gooey in the inside but not much}. I finished it with the egg on top with a tad bit more everything salt + pepper. Simple and easy! Give it a try, it’s quick, simple and tasty!

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