October 31, 2016


They're are so many things that go through our heads as artist. Usually the end result of an artists work goes through a bumpy and intricate journey, which starts in our head and makes it’s way to becoming an inventive form of an originative concept and idea…aka “ART”. This edition of Interview with an Artist I will be interviewing a friend of mine named George Tandy Jr. George and I started dancing together about 12 years ago.  Within four eight counts I immediately knew how immensely talented he was.  At the time, he was singing and composing music for his personal projects as well as his sisters and brothers singing group. He comes from a musical family where his mother, father + stepmother are all musicians with strong likeness to blues, jazz, rock + roll. With such a robust foundation + musical family George grew into a skilled + proficient singer/ songwriter with an enriched production style. A few years ago George’s song March from his latest album “The Foundation” became a radio success and the music video is a visually engaging black and white feature where the only color you will find is his red grand piano and pants. He likes to classify his music as “Soulternative”  where he gives organic emotion + passion. He’s a thoughtful + enlightened calm soul who comes alive during his performances in an intrusively captivating way. I wanted to get to understand his process, what influences his art, what he’s seen through his travel + performances, how he continues evolving as an artist as well as the artists who have inspired him.  Get ready to take a walk through the thoughts and mind of a creative. I’d like to introduce to you my friend, laughing partner + creative brother from the same mother {Mother Nature} George Tandy Jr.

Name:  George Tandy Jr. 
Type of Artist:  Singer/Songwriter/Composer
Country/ City Of Origin: United States   Virginia Beach/Miami/Fort Lauderdale
Astrology Sign: Aries
Animal Spirit: Human 
Superhero Alter Ego: Hancock
Go-To Drink/Cocktail: White wine or Moscato
Vice-Guilty Pleasure: I don't believe in guilty pleasures. I love pleasure. 
Go to Love Song: "A song for you" by Donny Hathaway or "My Funny Valentine" Or "Moody's Mood"

T: Name 3 artists who inspire you the most?  
G: Michael Jackson, Jay Z, Kings of Leon.   This is always changing.  The list of equally inspirational artists is long. 
T: Do you recall a moment when you realized you wanted to be a singer?
G: As a kid I loved the way my mom sand and interacted with audiences. That might have planted the real seed in my mind. 
T: What type of art inspires your singing, songwriting, and performance?
G: The art of living inspires all three. I believe everyone is creative & a source of great stories, inspiration and insight.
T: What movie/city/era best describes you as a singer?
G: I think if the movie Idle Wild had a scene by the beach...I'd fit right in there somewhere in between the chaos & the serenity. 
T: How do you want your song, voice to inspire/help others. {What’s your message objective?}
G: I choose to express my stories, my feelings, & my outlooks as genuinely as possible in every way possible.  My message is let's acknowledge all of life, ups and downs and in betweens, appreciate life, enjoy life together. 

T: Art is an ever-evolving thing. How do you manage to stay current as a creative? 
G: Sure! Life is ever evolving.  I make efforts to evolve everyday and fortunately I have a team of creatives that make efforts give my creations exposure. Progressing within the entertainment/Art industry is kinda like surfing... if you  are not going to enjoy and make the best of the wave you are riding without comparing it to all the other waves that have happened or have yet to happen ...what is the point of getting in the water.  I just enjoy the ocean! I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to do what I love.
T: If you can star in a remake of a classic film, which film would it be and whom would you play?
G: I have no idea. Hopefully something funny though... like a Eddie Murphy or JIm Carrey movie. 
T: What part of the world best describes your mood when you are writing songs?
G: South Florida. There is an sense of excitement, restlessness, peace, romance, and sexiness all at the same time. 
T: What city or part of the world best describes your experience while working on FOUNDATION?
G: Virginia Beach.  It is a military / tourist town. So in a sense I felt like a very disciplined foreigner traveling through my thoughts and intentions ...trying to make sense of it all with music. 
T: If you can record with 3 artists who are no longer living who would it be?
G: Michael Jackson. Aaliyah.  Nina Simone. 

T: Where would your alter ego live? 
G: We'd be roommates. 
T: Do you have an alter ego?
G: I don't think so. Splitting myself into two seems like too much work. I have enough to enjoy with one me. 
T: What’s your favorite beach in the entire world? 
G: There was a beach in Guatemala that was stunning to me. 
T: In your travels what cities best inspire you creatively?
G: Cali, Colombia, Singapore, New York. 

T: What part of the world most intrigues you?  
G: I think Brazil is the most intriguing right now. 
T: What era do you wish you lived in and why?  
G: I love this era. We are on the edge of spiritual revolutions and technological revolutions at the same time. It so interesting to see how it affects us socially. 
T: If you can pick a movie to star in which movie and which character would you want to play?  
G: I liked the movie Seven Pounds.  I thought that was cool. I'd play Will's part. Also, Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura Pet Detective. Oh and if there were brown people in 300 I'd be one of those warriors. haha! 

T: What are your “must haves” when you're traveling + performing? 
G: My traveling alter so I can do my daily prayer/chanting rituals.  Headphones to listen to audio books.  I usually pack my own food because I'm vegan and it simplifies my days. 
T: Name two of your favorite hotels and why?  
G: There is a Holiday Inn in Chicago that is fantastic.  Also, there was a hotel called Yotel in NY that I love. 
T: What movies/city best describes your fashion and style? 
G: I have no idea. Someone else would have to answer this one. haha! 
T: What type of homes, architecture + decor do you like? 
G: I like classic Latin/Mediterranean style houses on the exterior and minimalistic modern style houses on the interior. 

George currently lives in a Mediterranean traditional style high rise, while the finishes of the units are modern. Just like his architectural and décor taste are deemed unparalleled so is he. He’s an unpredictable intellect, with multi dimensions, which are audible and present while listening to his music. 

I purchased his music last Christmas for a few friends and of course they couldn’t stop. His latest album “The FOUNDATION” can be purchased on both AMAZON and iTunes. The music video “March” can bee seen below you can check out his WEBSITE here + find him on TWITTER + FB too! 

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