April 22, 2015


Listen, we can't all throw bubbly into our pool during parties. But I have an idea for the next best thing. Thinking about how to add a bit of flare into your outdoor entertaining this year? I've got it all figured out. Don't worry we are going to do the damn thing and make it not just an awesome entertaining experience, but one to remember. Go grab your coffee or cocktail {I'm not judging} and let's get the planning under way.

~Let's Go Folks~

Fire Pits not only create warmth on a cool evening, but it provides a cozy ambiance and brings folks together. As we know, warmth and light attracts people, and so many options are available to suite your outdoor space, décor and neighborhood regulations. Below I added a few articles showing a variety of styles to consider.  

This article via  Sunset has 38 ideas for fire pits. Grab a coffee or a cocktail {it's always 5 'clock somewhere} and as you look through this article remember to consider your current outdoor layout and decor.

Want more fire pit inspiration? Check out my FUNKY FIRE PIT COLLECTION.

I found this awesome handmade steel fire pit and I absolutely fell in love with it. It ships from London and available in about 6 or 7 variations.Click HERE for pricing and shipping info.  

Tents and Tepees have become popular in home décor within the last 5 years. They are great in children playrooms and for a lovely trip to the beach. They are also lovely in the back yard during Spring, Summer & Fall. If you are thinking they are only for children, you are missing out on the fun. Tents & Tepees are amazing to have in your outdoor area for guest who may want to escape the sun, read a book, and honestly they are aesthetically pleasing. They add charm and character to your outdoor area.

If you are looking for tepees & tents for babies or small children, I found someone who comes highly recommended. He’s called "The Teepee Guy" and based in Oklahoma, USA. His tents are custom made and made to order. Click HERE for to see his awesome workmanship. 

For more styles and ideas for CHILDREN TENTS & TEPEE'S.

I know you want to get in on the fun too, so do I.  I found this tent, which is also made to order, & it’s approx. 8ft high. I’m already thinking about all the fun I could have in this tent; {not THAT kind of fun folks} I meant reading, working, napping underneath the hot sun protected by the shade of this AWESOME oversized Teepee. They are based in Arizona USA and only ship within the states. {sorry to my international crew} Don’t fret, I got you! If you need help finding a large tent which ships internationally, drop me a note in the comment section below.


Before you get all riled up about the idea, just note, that technically all you need is a large bed sheet and a projector to create an outdoor screening night. But of course who wants to limit ourselves to JUST a sheet and a projector? {don't answer that} So I've included a lot of information, tips, tricks, & guides from research I've done to help you create the most cost effective outdoor movie theater possible. I know there is a variety of skill level when it comes to both technology and good old fashions "handy-man skills". Don't fret. I have included information from all levels. Thank me later and don't forget to let me know how useful & productive the guides are for you!

So I did A LOT of research for you {you can thank me later} and created the ultimate OUT DOOR MOVIE THEATER GUIDE. Within my research I realized they’re many ways to go about this task.

Before we get the options & guide, I would say start thinking about what area in your outdoor oasis you would like to set up your OUTDOOR THEATER and also think about how many people you would like to accommodate. That will help navigate you through the many options in the guide

Image via Garden Glove

I also gathered information regarding the technological aspect of setting up an outdoor theatre. {I must admit, I'm very intimidated by this}
This guide breaks down the sound system & even includes ideas on storage.
This article on SUNSET includes great information on projectors. 

Now that you are all ready for your outdoor entertaining feel free to share information related to fire pits, tepees and outdoor movie theaters. Always looking for more insight, great articles, and of course seeing your lovely photos. If you would like us to share your outdoor set-up on our follow up post, please e-mail us at operationsstylist@byplush.net 

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