April 29, 2015


Don't know what to do this Mother's Day? Don't know what to get someone who has EVERYTHING? Well, fellas you are in the right place. This is not about gift giving or buying, it's about the little things. The thoughtful things women wish for from their prince charming. In all my years counseling my clients and friends I hear what they really want from their husbands, how they want to be recognized, and pampered by their hubby's. And let's be honest here,  in a day and age when a woman can buy herself her own gifts, why not take it back to the thoughtfulness which brought you two together in the first place. Sweep her off her feet like you used to. {if you never did this guide is a MUST for you} This guide has you covered from morning to evening. You can get the kids involved as you see fit and trust me when I tell you, she'll be talking about it for the rest of the week. Get ready to be the most envied couple on the block. 

Ladies if you want your MAN to surprise you do not read further, just copy and paste the link to him via e-mail. Just know this isn't a shopping list or purchasing guide. This is a list of thoughtful things he {and the kids} can do for you on Mother's Day which takes very little to no planning. If you feel like you MUST read further only read the 1st suggestion after this.  Don't go further I tell you {you rebel you}. Just send it to him and lay back and get ready for a beautiful thoughtful day full of love, pampering & appreciation. 

Fellas, lets go......

Ladies, if you are still here... remember, just a peek. 

This is sure to surprise any awesome Mom and leave a smile on her face all day. Simply take a lipstick and write lovely sweet notes on the mirror. You can write them in the corner or cover the entire mirror with your adorning words. Have the kids get involved as well. The best part is signing your name at the end of each message, it's personalized and I'm sure very unexpected. Don't fret, I know you are no Edgar Allen Poe or Ernest Hemingway so I included a few lovely notes and messages to get you started. {excuse in advance if they are a bit cheesy} Hopefully the fact that they are written by you or the kids with lipstick will overshadow the cheesiness. Don't be afraid to switch it up and add your own flare as well.

*Note: Make sure you don't use her favorite lipstick. Writing with lipstick can actually damage it. Search for an old lipstick or simply ask her for a lipstick she hasn't used in a while. Be clever and sneaky about it if you have to. Then again, who cares if she thinks you are a cross dresser because you are asking her about make-up. {wink}

Mother's Day Poems & Quotes

Create a play list of songs, which discuss the lovely aspects of women & mothers. Select approximately 5 songs and play them 1st thing in the morning. Songs are approximately 4 minutes each so that is around 20 minutes of lovely songs to set the tone for the day. Where do you begin? I know, so many songs equal unlimited possibilities. I decided to consult a professional about this. The talented singer/songwriter George Tandy Jr. created two play list for you, one for the morning and one for the evening. 
George Tandy Jr.'s song March is #3 on the Billboard Adult R&B Charts. His latest album, The Foundation is riddled with romantic love notes which set both a tranquil yet passionate mood as well as a few climactic up tempo dance tunes. So let's just say his Mother's Day Play List suggestions comes highly recommended.

George Tandy Jr.
Power Morning Play List

George Tandy Jr.
Relaxing Evening Play List

Want to create your own Mother's Day Play List for your dancing diva? I've got you covered. Below is a list of some of the best options, but ultimately select songs you think she may like. If you know of songs which get her moving & grooving, add them into your play list {you know her best}. At the end of the day the objective is for her to understand how much she means to you & the kids, and nothing says that like you guys being the reason for the smile on her face.

Mother's Day Songs

If it’s a warm night out, then go outside and have a picnic in the backyard, in a park or on the roof of your car. Lay underneath the stars, crack open a bottle of wine and take it back to when it was just the two of you and you didn’t have a care in the world. Too cool outside? Don’t have a babysitter for the night? No problem, have a picnic indoors. That’s right. Right in your living room you can bust out your favorite blanket, throw some pillows down, a bottle of wine, your favorite snacks, your "Relaxing Evening Play List" and your evening is complete. Not to mention a lovely romantic ending to an amazing day for the woman who brought your cute blessings {hopefully sleeping children} into the world. 


  • This gentlemen created an indoor picnic then proposed on Valentine's Day. Just by pass that and focus on the INDOOR SET-UP. 
  • This is another great Valentine's Day {turned into Mothers Day} indoor picnic idea, especially for those who may want to try for another baby. {wink} 
  • Want to get even more cozy and creative and build an indoor fort/tent? This has great ideas for INDOOR FORTS & TENTS.  

Learn how to decorate as a couple with out creating World War III. 

Didn't think we were going to leave you hanging without mouthwatering nibblers did you? This Mother's Day wouldn't be complete without a few recipes. I included 21 breakfast toast ideas, a cranberry walnut salad and an heirloom tomato & avocado snack. {sure to be delightful with a bottle of white wine} You can never go wrong with breakfast in bed.

Recipe via Flavor Mosaic

Recipe via Blissful Basil

You are literally equipped with everything you need to make her feel like the precious yet undeniably strong, caring and protective MOTHER she is. Start her morning off with a bang and end it with a bang as well. {wink} The fun doesn't have to stop here, sign her up for the 5 Step Superwoman Resource Guide. After all, you are her Super Hero!

The 5 Step Superwoman Resource Guide is packed with advice & knowledge from multiple life experts, which will leave your lady feeling, revived and reconnected with her awesomeness.  Sign her up, and we will do the rest, and listen, don't be stingy. Share this information with all your other Hubby friends. A quick copy and paste via e-mail never hurt anyone. 


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