April 15, 2015


Gray is the new neutral, and I have many clients who are opposed to me using it on areas other than their walls. This post I will breakdown exactly where you can use gray and how it will contribute to your home/space.

This post I will breakdown exactly where you can use gray and how it will contribute to your home/space. 
As a designer we start from creating a color schemeàselecting a sheenà purchase samples and select your shade from there. Below is a breakdown of that process.

1.   Come Up with a Complete Color Scheme. Don’t go out and buy that one color you love and want the walls to be without having all the other colors for your room picked out, such as the trim, ceiling, your rugs, your furniture, etc.

2.   Choose the correct sheen. Matte and flat finishes hide wall imperfections, but glossier finishes will reflect more light.

3.   Buy Small Amounts At First. When you have settled on a few choices, buy a few small amounts of each color that’s in the running. Paint small squares on the wall in the room you are painting. Let it stay there a few days. Now you get to see it in daylight and at night.

GRAY is the transition between two non-colors. Back & white. It’s a color of compromise, the closer the shade of gray is to black it will provide mystery & drama while the closer to white the more it will illuminate. It’s a calming subdued unemotional color of compromise as the half way point between black & white. 

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Ceilings: creates shaded cool feel from above & also provides shadows.

Walls: instead of using white or beige gray is a lovely alternative to provide you with a cool and neutral feel on the walls.

FLOORS: Gray on your floors give the room just enough   personality. Feel free to also consider gray floors with texture and patterns such as a wood grain or a linear pattern. Gray floors can blend into a space; choosing gray floors with a texture can add interest.

Understanding what the color GRAY will add to your living space allows you to better understand how the color will effect your living space as well as knowing where to use it. If you’re still confused about picking color {s} for your home contact me for a color consultation. Want more design tips & downloads? Click here for the 5 Step Guide To A Coffee Table With Style.

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